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My process-oriented work explores the relationship between being and doing. Drawing lies at the heart of my practice, which also engages collage, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, encaustic, printmaking, installation, photography, video, and projection. Walking, running, yoga, and meditation also occupy a central role in my production, particularly in experiential investigations of breath, silence, stillness, and movement. I routinely employ repetition to explore accumulations and voids, ever searching for what remains when forms and surfaces fall away.


A dense research program—from natural history and cosmology to global political economy and critical theory—underlies formally reductive surfaces that filter personal memories, hopes, and fears. I bring these often frictional personal and public histories and noises into moments of rest through a visual language of bare bones. My current project explores detailed grid drawings and projections of accidental photographs as a means of navigating this line of inquiry.

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