My work explores the relationship between doing and being. Conceptually, drawing lies at the heart of my work, but I have historically employed a range of media—collage, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, lithography, encaustic, multimedia installation, video, and photography. My practice is process-oriented and relies heavily on repetition and accumulation, as well as an exploration of perceived voids. I build up materials only to scrape them away, creating a push and pull of presence and apparent absence. I am looking for what remains when surfaces fall away at the edges.


A dense research program underlies formally reductive surfaces. Cosmology, global political economy, and critical theory, among other subjects, filter through personal memories, hopes, and fears. All of this information and intuitive emotion swirls upon itself as if the arms of a spiral furiously in motion around central vortex. I bring whatever noises lie beneath these surfaces—the messy personal and public histories—into equilibrium through a visual language of bare bones.


Along with my text-based research, my physical practices—from walking and running to yoga and meditation—form a crucial component of my work. Breath as a critical space has become increasingly important to me over the past year. I want to find the spaces where we can freely pursue our daydreams and nightdreams, where we can expand beyond our furthest reaches and fully breathe. My current project seeks to respond to this contemporary moment with offerings of peace and quiet contemplation.